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Why Study a Law Master’s Degree in the UK?

Studying a law Master’s degree in the UK isn’t just about a love of a cup of tea with a dash of milk or the glorious wet weather. If you’re looking for choice of LLM programmes, then the UK has certainly got it!

Law in the UK

The UK itself provides an extremely interesting base and subject matter for law study. The four countries that currently make up the UK run under different jurisdictions: English law has developed since around the 12th century, and is set in place in both England and Wales.

The legal systems in Scotland and Northern Ireland differ from English law, and Scotland has its own legal system. Furthermore, the UK has no written constitution – another interesting element for study!

These jurisdictional differences will have an impact on the content of your LLM, as they will be tailored to focus on and from the perspective of their own legal system, so you may want to take a further look into the each country and their legal systems and decide where your interest lie before deciding on your LLM subject.

LLM choices in the UK

Over 75 universities and law schools in England and Wales offer LLM programmes. And the list of subject specialisms appears to be endless! Many still offer the traditional general course, or LLM Law, however the UK course selection also boasts a diverse range of subject specialisms. Some of these specialisms are also embracing new areas of the law, allowing postgraduate students to pursue study on the most up-to-the-minute topics if they wish.

LLMs in the UK also take various study modes. You can use to study part-time (two to three years), full-time (one year), or even take on a distance learning LLM.

Life as an LLM student in the UK

The academic year begins at the end of September for most institutions and runs through until late June, with holiday periods of around a week to two weeks to mark Christmas and Easter. As with an undergraduate degree, you will probably still have to do some work for your Master of Laws during the holiday seasons!

The UK is a very popular study destination for international students who wish to study at postgraduate level. LLM providers are based across the country, which means you can have your choice of the big city lifestyle, such as London, Leeds or Manchester or go for smaller, cosier, even quite rural options.

UK law schools have multicultural, diverse student bodies, and there are plenty of opportunities to visit different areas of the country, particularly if you get involved with a university society or team.

From a law career perspective, some of the world’s biggest multinational law firms have offices in the UK too, so you could be well positioned to gain some work experience whilst you study. London is also home to the historic Inns of Court – the epicentre of training and practising life for barristers in England and Wales.

English Language Requirement

All LLM courses in the UK are delivered in English. You’ll have to attend seminars, tutorials and lectures all in English, plus submit all of your written work in English too.

Due to this element, universities and law schools will state a particular English Language Requirement as part of the entry requirements for an LLM course, to ensure international students are able to cope with the necessary level of English needed to complete the course.

Overall, there’s a lot on offer in the UK for LLM students!

By Jos Weale, Editor,