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What is an LLM Bursary?

A bursary is a funding source you could potentially receive to help you study a degree. Considering LLMs can cost up to £13,500, a bursary could be a very useful form of financial support for your LLM, or indeed any other form of postgraduate study.

Just like scholarships, bursaries are a type of grant which you will not be required to pay back. The difference is that where a scholarship is generally awarded on a meritocratic basis (i.e. if an applicant has outstanding grades from school, or an impressive amount of experience), eligibility for a bursary is judged on the applicant’s financial need.

For example, applicants from a lower income background, with a family or dependent to support whilst they study, or with a disability which means they require extra support, may be eligible for a bursary.

What can I use an LLM bursary for?

Bursary recipients can use their grant as full or partial coverage for their tuition fees, to buy materials, support travel costs, or help pay for any extra support needed through studies.

The amount of money granted can differ according to each bursary award and the provider. Universities and law schools have a select amount of bursaries available each year, though this number can change from year to year depending on the funds available to the awarding institution.

By Jos Weale, Editor,