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LLM Year Costs: An Overview

The costs of your LLM programme will vary depending on the way in which you choose to study and if and where you choose to relocate. Knowing the sorts of costs you can expect is a huge part of working out your budget, and the kind of funding sources you might need to apply for.

The most expensive study mode is typically full time. A full-time LLM course will take around a year to complete, and will mean giving up employment to do so. Here are some costs you will have to prepare for as a full-time student in the UK…

Tuition fees of around £6000

Universities usually require this amount to be paid. BPP University, for example, offers a flexible payment plan option. Scholarships can help to cover this cost.

Accommodation costs

Those who relocate will have to pay for somewhere to live during their studies. There is plenty of accommodation available for postgraduate students, ranging from university halls and private student halls to private landlord house shares. Rents can vary considerably, from around £300 to £900 per month; London is particularly expensive in comparison to the rest of the UK. Full-time students don’t have to pay Council Tax.

Travel costs

Full-time and part-time postgraduate students can take advantage of student discounts for local and national travel. Again, costs will vary, with London being the most expensive: a student Oyster card for zones one and two is £86.10 per month.

Study materials

Books can be pricey (some can cost hundreds of pounds); however, you should be able to access many texts at your university library, or via their online databases. For any books you feel you need to own, try online second-hand dealers to get a better deal.


The costs vary according to everyone’s tastes, dietary requirements and funds, but it’s something you will have to include in your budget.

Social life

Relaxation time is also important on a hectic LLM programme. Student discounts still make a lot of hobbies and pastimes accessible; for example, gym memberships start at around £10 per month in the UK depending on the club and location, as does a trip to the cinema. Spending time with friends doesn’t have to cost anything!

Part-time students will have to attend classes and study in the evenings and/or weekends, so those with family commitments may have to consider any extra childcare costs where necessary.

By Jos Weale, Editor,