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The Added Bonuses of an LLM Scholarship

Securing a scholarship is a brilliant way to pay for your postgraduate course tuition fees. Many scholarship awards offer at least partial coverage for tuition fees, if not the full amount, and some even include a maintenance grant too. But financial support may not be the only reason for applying for a scholarship…

The competition for scholarships is exceptionally high. The majority of them are granted based on the academic history and achievements of the applicant; in most cases only top students who demonstrate the potential to exceed in their planned postgraduate studies succeed in obtaining this form of funding.  

Therefore, if a law school or another awarding body selects you for one of their scholarship schemes, then it’s already an academic achievement in itself. And who else is interested in your academic achievements? Employers, that’s who!

Boosting your academic credentials

A scholarship can do a lot to make the academic sections of your CV really stand out. If you’re applying to a law firm, for example, they will want to see a strong list of top GCSE and A-level grades and at least a 2:1 in your undergraduate degree (or the equivalent of these results if you are an international applicant).

Competition for positions with law firms is really tough, with a lot of top quality applicants, and therefore a scholarship for your postgraduate degree is one way of reaffirming that you have been recognised as an individual with exceptional academic ability. It helps to paint a very good picture of an applicant on a CV. The firm will not have interests in your academic achievements alone, but it is an integral part of their selection criteria.

Some particular scholarships awarded by law schools and awarding bodies carry a lot of prestige. If you are the recipient of a top scholarship, it creates a lasting impression for your future career. If you are keen to pursue an academic career, it may open the door to further scholarships as you progress to your PhD or MPhil.

So there you have it: there are certainly some added bonuses to this source of funding aside from the financial support.

By Jos Weale, Editor,