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What is an LLM Scholarship?

A scholarship for an LLM degree is a popular funding option. These types of awards can range from a small contribution towards the cost of tuition fees to full coverage of fees, plus a grant for living expenses in some instances.

Nice! Who offers scholarships then?

As a prospective law Master’s degree student, you might want to check out what law schools and universities have to offer first with their scholarships. Most law schools will have some funds set aside on an annual basis. Some specific scholarships may be available thanks to donations from a benefactor – perhaps a highly successful former student, professional or organisation with links to the law school.

Unfortunately these funds aren’t a never-ending source; there will only be a limited number of scholarships on offer each year, with the number and type varying between course providers.

Can I get a scholarship?

The competition to get a scholarship, particularly for Master’s studies in the arts, humanities or social sciences, is high. This makes it essential to put together a strong, well thought-out application if you want to obtain this kind of funding source.   

Scholarships are awarded based on the merit of the applicants. Therefore, if you have an impressive academic record, then you could stand a good chance of receiving a scholarship for your LLM degree. Alternatively, you may have undertaken some work experience or have dedicated yourself to some impressive projects (likely to be linked to the subject you wish to study at Master’s level), which really makes you stand out as an applicant with the potential to excel on your chosen course.

Each scholarship will also have its own terms and conditions and eligibility requirements. For example, some international scholarships are targeted towards students from specific regions or with a certain citizenship.

By Jos Weale, Editor,