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The University of Law Launches Annual Student Mentoring Scheme 29/11/2013

Over 600 legal professionals from across the UK have been recruited by The University of Law to provide vital advice and support to students with limited legal work experience as part of the law school’s annual student mentoring scheme. 


Students studying at The University of Law will now be given access to expert guidance on key areas such as networking, submitting job applications and preparing for assessment centres.

A selection of the mentors gathered at The University of Law’s London Bloomsbury centre last week for a vibrant launch event.

Bridget Lavin, Careers Consultant at The University of Law and the organiser of the London scheme, said: “More and more solicitors and barristers are coming forward to offer their services as they know how challenging it can be to gain a foothold in the profession and many volunteer year after year. Successful lawyers can share a wealth of practical experience and wisdom and taking part also contributes to their own career development by building their mentoring and people skills.”

She continued: “The students find it invaluable as they learn more about their areas of interest and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be in practice, which builds their self-confidence.”

By Jack Collins, Project Manager,

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